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Sushi Sushi
Shiba Inu
He is a wonderful male Shiba Inu who knows very many tricks, and is a great pal!
Amber Urlik
Usa Usa

Paco Paco
He loves his kitty friends and loves to play with his toys. Paco is very friendly and makes friends easily. He is a lover of all!!
Pam Barniville
Usa Usa

Pokito (Aka Poki) and Martini (Aka Tinie) Pokito (Aka Poki) and Martini (Aka Tinie)
Pokito (Aka Poki) and Martini (Aka Tinie)
My dogs are the sweetes loving chihuahuas ever. They are full of energy and love the kids. They enjoy playing outdoors except when it is cold. Pokie is 1 year old and Tinie is 9 weeks. He is around 6 pounds and she is a whole 1.5
Brandi Rutland
Usa Usa

Abby Abby
Yorkshire Terrier
abby is not only loving but she is smart and beautiful too. her colors are very outstanding and she is one of a kind to us.
Bj T
Usa Usa

Sal Sal
Sal walking.
Mike L
Usa Usa

Sal Sal
Sal is 5 yrs of age.
Michael L
Usa Usa

Tjay Tjay
Golden Retriever
Not Forgotten
TJay was given to me when he was 4 years old by a graduate student. He was a wonderful male Golden with a reddish coat and an easy going temperment. He was my companion and I loved him. He loved to ride in the car with his head out the window and he loved to go swimming. He was such a friendly dog. Everyone who met him loved him and wanted to keep him. He was 13 years old when I had to put him down due to old-age related illnesses. He is now in heaven where my parents can care for him. But I do deeply miss him laying by my feet at night.
Bob C
Texas, Usa Texas, Usa

Sadie Sadie
Great Dane
Sadie is a fawn great dane. She is sometimes a coward but she is brave and a suck up. She is very protective and trust worthy. She is the mother of two litters we had in the past. Her reasent litter was 16 weeks ago. Sadie will treat any puppy as her own and she is the whole families baby.
Mallory Shick
Usa Usa

Brie Brie
Jack Russell Terrier
Very intelligent lap dog!
Joe Sorensen
Usa Usa

Annie Annie
American Cocker Spaniel
Annie is a 3 year old ACS. She is a great dog, and loves her ice. She thinks she is more human than dog.
Annie Medley

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