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Lilly Belle Lilly Belle
Lilly Belle
lilly belle. a two 2yr old beagle loves to be with her friends and lounge around the house
T J Laibe
columbus, ohio columbus, ohio

Brooks Fancy My Diva Brooks Fancy My Diva
Chinese Crested Dog
Brooks Fancy My Diva
Diva is loving, happy and playful. She loves to play with her toys just like a cat would. Because Diva is only 4lbs 6oz, at night time she can curl up right next to my neck with her nose on my cheek! She is my very first Crested but not my last. I've had many breeds but the personality of the crested is a breed unto it's own and I'm sold. My whole family loves DIVA!
Marlene Z
Michigan Michigan

Sassy Sassy
Sassy is a beautiful black,white and tan chihuahua. She will get into stuff that you leave on the floor. she is very playful but when she is tierd she will go to sleep in a heart beet!
hannah williams
north carolina USA north carolina USA

Max and Bear Max and Bear
Boston Terrier
Max and Bear
We adopted Max &Bear at 3 weeks old...they fit in the palm of your hand now at 5 mo's. they are 10 lbs.They have some chuhuahua mixed in their bloodline.
Ron Speak
Ohio Ohio

Zoey Zoey
Labrador Retriever
Zoey is a very kind and loveable dog :)
Kathryn B
Wisconsin Wisconsin

Sam Sam
Australian Shepherd
Winter Joy
Randy Mays

Rin-Tin-Tin Rin-Tin-Tin
German Shepherd Dog
Rinni is a bi-colored Shepherd. He is very loving and VERY protective. He is 2 yrs. old. I love this big beautiful guy.
Breanna Schreiner
Ohio, USA Ohio, USA

Bear Bear
Not Forgotten
I love you nice play
Dferick Whiteside

Amos Moses Hybrid Bulldog Amos Moses Hybrid Bulldog
Amos Moses Hybrid Bulldog
Here is my sundog Amos Moses. Half English and half American Bulldog he is now 22 months old and weighs in at 115 lbs. Here he is last summer catching some rays. He takes up almost the whole cushion when he is sprawled out on it these days! What a beast!
R.J. Bennett

Rimshot Rimshot
Mixed Breed
Not Forgotten
Rimshot was with us for more than 15 years--when searching thru photos to frame, we found this one from his younger days--we had forgotten his ability to scale mountains in his teen years--he was a great dog and great friend!
Liz Martin
Vacaville, CA Vacaville, CA

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