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Sport Sport
Mixed Breed
Sport, aka Luv-E, came into our lives about 10 years ago when he was a lost puppy. When his owners could not be located, we adopted him as a family pet. He is a lively, high-spirited dog and is very smart. He understands many human words and does a few tricks. Sport likes to go camping with us, go on car rides and take walks. When he plays with his favorite toy, a green squeaky frog, he forgets that he is a senior dog. What else can I say? He is super cute AND super fun! We have been blessed to have him as a family member.
Nadine H
Pennsylvania, USA Pennsylvania, USA

Tootsie Tootsie
Not Forgotten
Tootsie was attacked by another dog. She got paralyzed so we had to put her down. In this picture, Tootsie is 1. She was only 3 when she died. Her nickname is Tootsie Meister Babycakes.

Mandy Mandy
Mandy now at the 3 yrs old... she is the best
Sk Cook

Maxwell Maxwell
Yorkshire Terrier
This is Max talking, " I am a good looking Yorkie always out to have a good time, snuggle with my family, pose for the camere and my favorite is doing tricks for BACON STRIPS! "
Angela Turner
Greenville,SC USA Greenville,SC USA

Schatz Schatz
I love swimming in Michigan and hiking in the desert in Arizona. My favorite treats are Pup-Peroni Ribs, Chicken & Biscuits and Nut-tastics. My Mom takes me to the Bark Park everyday to see my friends.
Skeet Gray Ghost
Michigan and Arizona, USA Michigan and Arizona, USA

Jack Jack
Staffordshire Bull Terrier
he is a red nose pit bull and is soo cute, and strong he lake take my shoes and play with my pants when he is happy we love him he love the camera and he love go outside with us.
Makaria Gonzalez
georgia georgia

Bella and Jade Bella and Jade
Golden Retriever
Bella and Jade
This is Bella the Cocker, meeting Jade the Golden for the first time.
F Grillo
Colorado Colorado

Calvin Calvin
Golden Retriever
Calvin seeing snow for the first time after moving to Colorado from Florida
F Grillo
Colorado Colorado

Luigi And Annie Luigi And Annie
Golden Retriever
Luigi And Annie
This is louie (right) and annabelle (left) he is 2 and she is 5. Playing tug of war.
Rene Vanotteren

Duke and Dixie Duke and Dixie
Miniature Schnauzer
Duke and Dixie
They are the sweetest dogs ever and are black as black can be. Both Black and Silver Mini-Schnauzers.
Courtney Williams

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