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Penny (the white one) Penny (the white one)
Jack Russell Terrier
Penny (the white one)
Jerica Hill
United States United States

Betty Betty
Shih Tzu
Betty is 8 months old. She likes all types of food. Bananas, Apples, Oranges, Celery and of course a bit of yogurt.
Marte W
Oregon, USA Oregon, USA

The Boys The Boys
The Boys
This is our little boys, Jack and Dempsey. Jack is the smooth coat and Dempsey is longhair. They make us laugh everyday! Love you boys.
S Shafer
Oregon Oregon

Chloey Lou Chloey Lou
Mixed Breed
Chloey Lou
My chloey dog is a wonderful little girl. She loves duck flavored food bones, jerky whatever it may be if it's duck she's a happy girl. She enjoys playing with other dog friends she meets but is perfectly content laying on the couch at home.
Rose Anderson
nc nc

Uma Uma
German Shepherd Dog
beautiful black and tan female two years old who thinks she is a puppy. Loves the snow and to play fetch. She is protective of her home and her family, but once you are accepted by the family she will love you to death.
M Verre
Indiana, USA Indiana, USA

Chloe Chloe
Miss Chloe is 7 months old. She is wearing her Santa collar. She doesnt like it very much, but endured it long enough to have her picture taken. She loves the camera, and does not shy away from it. She rules the roost at home, and is spoiled totally rotten.
Pebbles Little
Monroe NC Monroe NC

Doobie Doobie
Mixed Breed
Doobie is a one year old Jack Russell/Pekingese mix (one of the only I have ever been able to find) and he has a very distinct personality. Doobie is the light of any situation he loves to meet new people and smother them with love.
Grant Strac
Seaside Heights, NJ Seaside Heights, NJ

Zoe Zoe
Cairn Terrier
Zoe loves to play outside. Loves people.
Rebecca B
Florida Florida

Daisy Daisy
Mixed Breed
When not performing her duties as my Certified Service Dog, or going visiting, as a Certified Therapy Dog, Daisy likes to romp, play, sleep, and sometimes, get into trouble, like all dogs. When she was still quite young, I had just given her a bath, dried her off, and brushed her, and sent her out in the sun. Much to my surprise, she was gone quite a long time, and when I called her, she appeared, looking as if she had had chocolate syrup poured all over her snout. Before her second bath of the day, I had to take her picture! She looks rather proud of herself for finding such a lovely mud puddle!
D Norris
California, USA California, USA

Curly-Coated Retriever Curly-Coated Retriever
Curly-Coated Retriever
Curly-Coated Retriever
Jeb is a 2 year-old Curly-coated Retriever
N. W.
Virginia Virginia

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