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Jojo Jojo
Bichon Frise
Jojo is cute, fuzzy, and lazy! He is about 5 years old. Jojo loves to lay in the sun.
Colorado Colorado

Kobe Kobe
Miniature Pinscher
Kobe is a great family member!
Chris F.
Miami, Fl. Miami, Fl.

Cane Cane
American Staffordshire Terrier
Cane is a fun and playful 9 month old. He loves to play fetch with his tennis balls. He also loves to play with my 2 sons. Cane is a great part of our family.
Chris F.
Miami,Fl. Miami,Fl.

Famous Amosmoses Famous Amosmoses
Famous Amosmoses
R.J. Bennett

Chelsey Chelsey
Shetland Sheepdog
Chelsey is our 10 year old Tri Sheltie and is a very devoted girl. She is like our shadow and is the best nurse ever when you are sick, will not leave your side. She lost her best friend, our Blue Merle Dusty last year and we got her another companion, Jake, who is now 11 months old. She loves walking, playing and eating raw carrots for her treat.
Deb Robillard

Jake Jake
Shetland Sheepdog
Jake is our 11 month old Sheltie and is a very entergetic boy. We lost our 10 year old little boy this past year and wanted another Sheltie. Jake loves rope toys and running really fast around the yard and playing with his sister Chelsey who is going to be 10 this month. He is very sweet and we love him dearly.
Deb Robillard

Izzy Izzy
Mixed Breed
Adopted Izzy from the first "Union County NC Humane Society "prison training" program. She is wide open, never a dull moment...... We love her a bunch, part of the family!
Steve B.

Nelson Nelson
Nelson hates planes and barks constantly at them, too bad we live next to an airport. He attacks his leashes and chases his tail after you grab it.
Whitney Okafor
Texas Texas

Lil Chewy 'Gone but Never Forgotten' Lil Chewy 'Gone but Never Forgotten'
Mixed Breed
Not Forgotten
Lil Chewy 'Gone but Never Forgotten'
My little boy Chewy was only 4 months when he was put to sleep. He was my first puppy. I purchased him from a breeder and three weeks later he got sick (Distemper). He was a loving little one, loved to run and play with his toys. I named him Chewy because he loved to chew on everything. He was a mixed breed, his father was a toy poodle and his mom a maltese. I was told that he was a Maltipoo. I miss him, he was a joy for the short time I had him. I only had him for 2-1/2 months. He would have been 1 year old on December 27, 2010.
Texas, USA Texas, USA

Isis and Zumi Isis and Zumi
American Eskimo Dog
Isis and Zumi
Isis and zumi are sister. They love to have play time together but, they also love to have separate time with us. They love to go for car rides.
Lacey Martinosky
usa usa

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