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Famous Amosmoses Famous Amosmoses
Famous Amosmoses
Amos is the best bully.
Hogie Shanoi

Mr. Bud (Buddy) Mr. Bud (Buddy)
American Eskimo Dog
Mr. Bud (Buddy)
Buddy is a 11 years old, and weighs around 13 pounds. My wife and I couldn't have ever asked for a better dog/companion. He always puts a smile on our face with his love, happiness, and the funny things he does. Some of his favorite things include; riding in the car, going on walks, chasing cats, running around in circles, eating crunchies, sleeping, and giving mommy kisses.
Russ and Colleen Sullanese
Visalia, Ca Visalia, Ca

Klondike Klondike
Great Pyrenees
13 years old 100lb Male adopted from rescue 11-1/2 yrs ago still thinks he is a puppy
Mike And Barb P
florida florida

Otis Otis
Labrador Retriever
Otis is a two and a half year old Chocolate Lab. His favorite things are swimming, hiking and playing in the waves at the Oregon Coast. He's friendly and patient and wants nothing more than to please people. His soulful eyes truly represent his personality. Otis is loved by all who meet him.
Tom Koop
Portland, OR Portland, OR

Eddie Eddie
Boston Terrier
Eddie is a high energy, well disciplined dog with a great appearance. He gets compliments everywhere we go.
Dylon D
Colorado Springs, CO Colorado Springs, CO

Miss Sabrina Miss Sabrina
Miss Sabrina
Sabrina is a Teacup Maltese. She will be 3 in November 2010. Sabrina knows she is cute and loves to run up to people on her walks to say Hi
Laura Haywood
Fair Oaks, California USA Fair Oaks, California USA

Ensign Duffy Ensign Duffy
Ensign Duffy
"Duffy" is a very special little lad. He has the ability to "diagnose" internal medical ailments. Recently I dislocated my left shoulder and unknown to me, had nearly severed the rotator cuff. Duffy sat on the arm rest of my recliner with his snout up under my T-shirt sleeve gently licking it one day after I injured it. When I went to place an ice pack on it, he actually leaned on the towel-covered pack to keep it in place for nearly 20 minutes without moving. My surgeon is amazed!
Kathryn Demary
Carlsbad, California Carlsbad, California

Little Ballou Little Ballou
Little Ballou
Ballou is a very special boy. I have 9 in the house and he is the littlest one. He is a flirt and can coax anybody to pick him up.
Mama Gramma Mary

Monkey Monkey
Monkey is a 2 year old Bullmastiff as of 3. 23. 08. I love him so dearly, and I also show him in a 4-H program.
Olivia D.
Washington, Vancouver, USA Washington, Vancouver, USA

Basil Basil
Great Dane
Basil, is 6 yrs. old and a true "gentle giant". A sweetheart if there is one!
Jane Reiss
Kansas, USA Kansas, USA

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