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Goldy Goldy
Mixed Breed
hey my dogs name is goldy. this is er jumping 3days after she got a hair cut. gotta love her. she is actually a shih tu terria x
Kelly .....
wa wa

Tanna Tanna
Tanna, is just new to our family and we love her... She is such a baby and loves our cat Moe :)
S Adair
Australia Australia

Cloey Cloey
Australian Cattle Dog
This is Cloey and she is a red cattle dog. She is only one and a half and loves to play. You can be as rough as you want to her when you play, when someone from my family or myself comes home, she will greet you by jumping over you (in a kind way). Cloey loves to fetch sticks and chew on bones. Every morning she is so upset that my family leaves to work or school and waits until we get home at the end of the day. It's so cute because when we say the word Walkies, she will run to the door because she knows its time for a walk! Cloey is a sweet and cuddly dog and loves everyone! She is a little pup in the photo!
Shannon Davies
Sydney, NSW Sydney, NSW

Angus Angus
Jack Russell Terrier
Angus is a little baby but has just turned three today, now he is our little toddler. He is very cute and is warm and cuddly! 30/3/09
Jasmine W
Sydney, Nsw Sydney, Nsw

Angus And Fergus Angus And Fergus
Jack Russell Terrier
Angus And Fergus
Angus is a baby and a sook, Angus is only 2. Fergus is so cuddly when he wants to be and is addicted to treats, he is 8. Angus has lots of teddies, he stuffs them in his mouth and falls asleep we call this gobling.
Jasmine W
Sydney,NSW Sydney,NSW

Smokey Joe Smokey Joe
Border Collie
Smokey Joe
Smokey Joe is my purebred fully white border collie. He has a lovable personality. He knows the following tricks: sit, lye down, shake, roll over, crawl, stay, come, kiss, jump up, and into bed. I have taught Smokey Joe with positive training NOT negative. Smokey Joe is turning 2 this year. He loves getting his picture taken.
Australia Australia

Kimba Kimba
Labrador Retriever
Cute as
Belle .
Bundaberg QLD Bundaberg QLD

Patch Patch
Staffordshire Bull Terrier
He is the most cutest dog in the whole world. well I think
Belinda Clem
Bundaberg Bundaberg

Ella Ella
Australian Cattle Dog
Ella is 8 months old here and is full of energy which often makes her very mischievous.
Tina O
NSW, Australia NSW, Australia

Smokey Jo Smokey Jo
Labrador Retriever
Smokey Jo
Smokey Jo is a loving dog. He is a lightly tanned pure breed border collie. Smokey Jo knows many tricks and commands.
Queensland Queensland

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