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The One And Only...Dump Dog The One And Only...Dump Dog
Mixed Breed
The One And Only...Dump Dog
His name is bob but we call him dump dog is a mix breed we think he is blue healer cross red healer and mabey a bit of ding in him.He was found in a big rubbish bin at the local dump we were throwing out a old bike and some other stuff and my dad (mick) thought he was a squeaky toy (he was so tiny at the time)so he jumped in and said "this would be a good toy for fred (our other dog) but when he picked it up he realised it was a puppy so we took it home and thats how he came to us thats why his name is Bob the Dump Dog
Jacki Holt
australia australia

'Bert' Braeloch Wedgewood Blue 'Bert' Braeloch Wedgewood Blue
Border Collie
'Bert' Braeloch Wedgewood Blue
Bert is our kennels stud dog here in Australia. He has an absolutely beautiful temperament and is a joy to own (he is one big teddy bear). DOB:18/10/2005
W. Ramsdell
Australia Australia

Chessher Chessher
German Shepherd Dog
she is a 2yr old German shepherd,goes to obedient school,loves people,loves walking, running and playing,she has her own pool,loves getting bathed every month,loves going for long drives
Domenic Gadaleta
Australia Australia

Turbo Turbo
He is great with kids.
Renae Underwood
Austraila Austraila

Nella Nella
Not Forgotten
nella was 1 year old when she died she was a beautiful white dog with a big personality she loved walks and going to the beach i miss her alot
Emmie Chapman
australia australia

Izzie Bee Izzie Bee
Izzie Bee
izzie is a beagle and she is very active she loves the beach and watching tv she loves playing with her musical santa teddy. she is 14 weeks ols is a tri colour and originally came from avondale heights is melbourne aust. her birthday is september the 16th.Izzie is a caring dog who loves sleeping on my pillows. i am her owner Emily.
Emmie Chapman
australia australia

Sattsy Sattsy
Fox Terrier (Smooth)
well, ivr had him since i moved into this house and he has made many friends and many of them hav died from age and other things he has a son and many girlfriends... his the pimp of the street and everyone knows him. thats my sattsy. his 5
Maddie H
Australia Australia

Lucy Lucy
Mixed Breed
Lucy is a German Shepherd x Shar-pei whose personality and wrinkly face endear her to all humans (cats are definitely not included!)
Sally P.
Australia Australia

Kruger Kruger
German Shepherd Dog
My dog Kruger is 7 years old and weighs 55kg. He is the most gentle and loving dog. Very obedient and good natured. He is very protective and also very playful. He is the love of my life. Kruger is also a handsome dog. I love him dearly.
Mary Siener
Australia Australia

Lovely Louie Lovely Louie
German Shepherd Dog
Lovely Louie
Louie is a layed back happy black and tan "German Shepherd Boy" he loves everybody. He is such a wuz. He is 2 and a half years old, loves going for walks everywhere, loves his squeaker ball, "talks" on occassion and knows a few tricks. Louie also loves any food, but is only allowed his own food.
Honora B
Australia Australia

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