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Samson Samson
11 y.o Samson is my 2nd Dallie and the essence of all that is good and wonderful (and furry) in existence. He has officially taken over the house since being adopted from his previous family 12 months ago, and established himself as the pack leader. I am sure he sees the rest of the household as his personal entourage of feeder/walker/poop scoopers.
Sandra Fang
Brisbane, Australia Brisbane, Australia

Lilly The Beagle Lilly The Beagle
Lilly The Beagle
well my dog is a little bit crazy but she warms our hearts easily with her adorable eyes and beutiful face. she has two floppy big ears. 2 adorable brown eyes, a big black nose, and a kissing tongue. we love her so much and we wouldnt ask for anything else.
Sara Longobardi
Australia Australia

Tigerlily Tigerlily
Mixed Breed
Tigerlily is a Border Collie cross Basenji female. Her appearance and behaviour are very Basenji accept she is going to be twice the size of her basenji mum. Her tail is curled (except not so tighly and has long bushy hair). She walks, stalks, and prances around. When she was a younger pup she use to let off a guard dog bark copying my other dog but now she prefers to just talk. She is very playful, clever, mischevious, cuddly and fun loving. My little catdog.
Jay Bennett
Australia Australia

Chyka Chyka
Border Collie
Not Forgotten
she was very smart and loyal
Chyka Turpin
south australia, Australia south australia, Australia

Kellee And Bailey Kellee And Bailey
Kellee And Bailey
Kellee is a red minature female doxie. She is very girlie and loves to snuggle inside with her mum. Bailey is a black and tan male doxie. He is always into mischief and loves to run as soon as the gate is opened. They will be having babies together really soon. How cute will they be!
Julie Taylor
Australia Australia

Toby Toby
Border Collie
Toby is a five year old beautiful border collie. He loves to hang out with his other animal friends that we have at home four cats and three dachshunds. He loves to go for really long walks and he loves it when he gets a new squeekie toy from his mum. Toby also likes to chase motorbikes any chance he can. He is our boy!
Julie Taylor
Australia Australia

Max & Meya Max & Meya
Max & Meya
These are my beautiful babies... Max is 11 months old & his baby sister is only 7 weeks old... They are already getting up to sooo much mischief together. We love them very much.
Michelle Wheeler
Australian Australian

Lex Lex
German Shepherd Dog
Lex as you can see a very handsome dog!
Claire Notnam
Australia Australia

Cooper Cooper
Cooper is a four year old minature smooth haired dachshund. He was saved by me because he has trouble digesting his food and you have to mash it all the time. He is the oldest of my dachshunds and he loves me lots and is always wagging his tail and snoozing. He enjoys his walks and loves to chew bones.
Julie Taylor
Australia Australia

Bebe Bebe
bebe is my nanna and poppa's dog
Austraila Austraila

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