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Astrid Helena Astrid Helena
Mixed Breed
Astrid Helena
Astrid Helena is a 10 month old, coyote/basenji mix. About 3 months ago, Astrid was hit with Parvo and survived the disease. She is outgoing and playful. Astrid gets your attention by talking. She makes random growling and howling sounds. Astrid is being enrolled in training classes at Petsmart, and will become certified as a therapeutic dog.
Bryan Blasingame
Texas, USA Texas, USA

Zorro Desoto Zorro Desoto
Mixed Breed
Zorro Desoto
My husband and I adopted a 4-month-old jug (hybrid between a pug and a jack Russell terrier) and we named him Zorro. He is very playful and energetic but he also loves to cuddle. He is very smart and in less than 2 weeks he was potty trained. Zorro is adorable and always gets a lot of attention when we take him out. Thank you Bernadette for all of you help. We could not be happier with Zorro.
Becky & Adrian D.
New York, USA New York, USA

Bella_Rocky Bella_Rocky
Mixed Breed
Bella and Rocky are brother and sister born on the 17th of Feb 2005..
Narelle Jayne
Victoria Victoria

Shorty Shorty
Mixed Breed
Shorty is funny, friendly and he is very sweet.
Solange C
Porter,Tx Porter,Tx

C.D. C.D.
Mixed Breed
He is just CRAZY- thus his name... C. D. Crazy Dog!
Richard Smith
Washington State, USA Washington State, USA

Lulu Lulu
Mixed Breed
Lulu is a shar-pei/lab mix. She is always happy and always ready to learn a new trick, anything for a cookie!
Missouri Missouri

Xena Fufu Siberian Lightening Xena Fufu Siberian Lightening
Mixed Breed
Xena Fufu Siberian Lightening
This is Xena Fufu and she is a very special little girl. She is 13 months old. We are not sure what she is but one thing we do know is that she is definitely full of love and energy.
Akt Akt

Bubba Bubba
Mixed Breed
well we were given Bubba by my cousins friend who got him from someone else. we are not sure what type of dog he is, we have had him now for 16 mos he was a lil bity thing when we got him, he was maybe 10 lbs This is the only pic I have of him at the moment, he is a very hyper dog, We would like to find out what kind of dog he is if anyone can help it would be great. he bays like a beagle but he is now 70 lbs and I was under the assumption that beagles do not get that big
K. D.W.
Tennessee Tennessee

Symba Marley Flores Symba Marley Flores
Mixed Breed
Symba Marley Flores
He is mixed with Lab and Husky with a great personality, friendly and loving. He is a fast runner and full of life.
Kim Flores
Margate, Florida Margate, Florida

Keira Keira
Mixed Breed
Keira is very sweetie but oh so sassy. She is a 21 months old mini Doxie mixed with a Treeing Walker Coonhound. But, as you can see she has taken most of the Doxie traits (including attitude). She loves playing fetch with her tennis ball as long as she gets treats for returning it. She is very much of a yapper and loves to be the center of attention! Just gotta love her! LOL
Shelly D
Wisconsin Wisconsin

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