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Bandit Bandit
Mixed Breed
Bandit is a 10 moth old pup collie mix i hope he is a collie greman sheperd.
Lizzy M
nv nv

Sashwata Sashwata
Mixed Breed
my dog looks very cool
Jitu Sahani
lucknow,india lucknow,india

Bandit Bandit
Mixed Breed
Bandit is a Collie mix and I really Love him. He is a very good ranch dog! This pic is of him and me at the pond.
Lizzy M

Lola Lola
Mixed Breed
Lola is 3 years old and loves the outdoors. We just found out that she loves to Kayak!
Mike H
Orlando, USA Orlando, USA

Peppy Peppy
Mixed Breed
Peppy is a 10 year old Shi-Poo. She is as fast as a GreyHound. Loves to play and sit on her Dad's lap.
Kaye Regh
Florida Florida

Lucky Lucky
Mixed Breed
Funny, crazy and ALWAYS in trouble.
Nancie B

Muttley Muttley
Mixed Breed
she is a cross staffie boxer and is mental haha x
Andrew Croxford
Edinburgh Edinburgh

Kinzie Fox Kinzie Fox
Mixed Breed
Kinzie Fox
Kinzie is a golden retriever and yellow lab mix. She loves all sorts of food. She really loves fruit and vegetables though. Her favorite activities are looking out for squirrels and chasing her tennis balls.
Kristin Fox
Washington, USA Washington, USA

Cutie Cutie
Mixed Breed
Not Forgotten
cutie was a very loving dog, very protective to us, and loves to sleep in our bed............. we miss you cute
Philippines Philippines

Salia Salia
Mixed Breed
Salina is roughly 4 years old. She was adopted from one of the SPCAs in the province. She likes to be the "man of the house."
Renee Le Lievre
Milford Station, Nova Scotia Milford Station, Nova Scotia

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