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Mia Mia
Mixed Breed
Meet Mia, she is a 2 yr. old maltese/shih tzu. She is the light of my life. She enjoys just laying in my lap and playing with her sister, Macy who is also on this website! She is just precious!
Peggie O
Dickson, TN Dickson, TN

Bam-Bam Bam-Bam
Mixed Breed
Well, Bam-Bam is part of a big family. His mother is full Pomeranian and his Daddy is full Chihuahua. I don't know if this matters or not but there it is. He is a Pom-Chi or that is what they are called here.He looks like a full blooded Pom but he is actually a mixed breed. He is friendly, protective and has great hearing. He is part of the Flinestones in our home, there is pebbles, Dino and Barney plus Bam-Bam. We have the whole crew. Hopefully you will like our dogs our family. I hope you enjoy the picture.
Heather Purcell
Stamping Ground, Ky Stamping Ground, Ky

Boofhead Boofhead
Mixed Breed
boofhead is a mixed breed. he is a daschund cross papillon. he is the most gorgeous dog with the funniest character, he loves my other dog missy who is a blue heeler cross kelpy. we found boof about 2 years ago and put posters out but nobody called so we ended up keeping him and he is amazing fun!
Abbey T
Perth, Western Australia Perth, Western Australia

Macy Macy
Mixed Breed
Meet Macy, she is a 2 yr. old maltese/shih tzu. In February of 2008, Macy had liver shunt surgery. She is now very healthy and spoiled rotten! She loves to play with her favorite stuffed animal "Bear" and her sister, Mia. She has been a wonderful addition to my family!
Michelle L

Dash Dash
Mixed Breed
Our dog is very active and smart
Bam Lumen
Cavite City Cavite City

Tyson Tyson
Mixed Breed
collie cross greyhound, fast energetic and friendly
Darragh Mcshane
ireland ireland

Apples Apples
Mixed Breed
Apples is our 14 year old plus rescue doggie. She entered our lives at age 10 1/2 and was a great friend to Keelee (1995-2008). She is a wonderful loving doggie who finally got the chance to live life to its fullest when we brought her into our home in 2005.
Philadelphia Philadelphia

Potchie Potchie
Mixed Breed
cute and playful
Jokleng Yao
taoyuan city taoyuan city

Chocolate Chocolate
Mixed Breed
Chocolate is a sweet, lovable seven year old doggie. She spends most of her time doing her favorite things that include sleeping, eating and sunbathing.
Nidhi Paul
Bangalore Bangalore

Rusty Rusty
Mixed Breed
I fell in love with rusty about 4 years ago, and he has been my bestfriend ever since.
Gina Marie
New York New York

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