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Bella Bella
Mixed Breed
Bella is 13 months old she can be very shy towards people she is a short haired border collie cross with something but i am not quite sure what she loves other dogs and her food!
Vicky W
essex essex

Eddie Eddie
Mixed Breed
Meaghan Nell
preoria preoria

Gracie Gracie
Mixed Breed
She has a good mood, is playful, and she likes agility. She is good with kids and listens well. She is white with black spots and has brown eyes. She likes to run and has a short tail.
Miranda Stano

Scarlet Scarlet
Mixed Breed
She is a very cute lab and shepherd mix. We adopted her from A. D. O. P. T a pet. She is about 9 months old.
Nick Rinkes

Mocha Mocha
Mixed Breed
This is my Puggle (Pug/Beagle) Mocha. She is loved by everyone in my family. When some people see her they say she could pass for a pet pig, she has a smushed in face, a curly tail, and a chubby little body. But we still love her no matter what!
Chelsea D

Peaches Peaches
Mixed Breed
peaches is a loving girl, at 7 now she still likes to run and play with her brother petey(a chihuahua) we got peaches before she was weaned, and had to bottlefeed her.
Peaches Moran
usa usa

Bunny And Moka Bunny And Moka
Mixed Breed
Bunny And Moka
My little old ladies, 16 yrs and 13 yrs old. They make me smile when no one else can.
Deborah Babolian

Milo Milo
Mixed Breed
Milo is a shih tzu bichon frise mix, we got him when he was 6 weeks old, he loves to play, he is pretty cuddly and he makes us all laugh!
Becky Sawatzky
Manitoba, Canada Manitoba, Canada

Champy Champy
Mixed Breed
I rescued Champ from a very abusive situation. He was being beaten and tied up to a tree for days on end, often with no food or water nearby. At first he was very scared of everyone but with lots of love, care and good food he is now doing great and has become everyone's best friend. He is the love of my life and I have never met a more gentle or sweet animal. He is my baby!
Mandy C.

Sam Sam
Mixed Breed
Not Forgotten
Sam was a great and sweet dog and he LOVED to run outside. He was a goldendoodle. We have recently bought another goldendoodle puppy named Mandy.
Molly G

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