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Kirby Kirby
Mixed Breed
Kirby is only 3 months old. He is a very playful puppy. He is a photogenic puppy. He loves posing for the camera.
Amayrani Cruz
Chicago, Ill Chicago, Ill

Liza And Rocky Buragohain Liza And Rocky Buragohain
Mixed Breed
Liza And Rocky Buragohain
Rocky, is a mixed breed of a lab and a hound. he is an extremely talented boy. i hate to call him a dog coz he is more a part of our family and takes part in everthing we do, from watchin movies, goin out for walks to takin a nap together. here sharing a light moment with his live in partner/girlfriend liza. i love you guys.
Julie Buragohain
delhi 110049 delhi 110049

King King
Mixed Breed
King is about 8 months old, he acts like he is 12 though. Mellow and cute, he is by far the best dog I ever had because he can make anyone laugh. Laughing is our soul singing out loud. He is also a great body guard.
Cami Oana
Portland, Oregon Portland, Oregon

Bella Bella
Mixed Breed
Bella is a 1 1/2 year old rescue. We got her in November of 2009 and she is so grateful we took her in. We are too:)
Tracy N

Zara Zara
Mixed Breed
Zara is 1 year old Australian Shepherd mixed puppy. Zara is so loving and absolutely loves all people and all animals. Zara loves to be outside and just watch birds, she loves to go for walks, play with her toys and swim. Zara loves to follow her mom around everywhere!
Ann Dougherty
Michigan Michigan

Hannah Hannah
Mixed Breed
This is hannah shes a mix border collie with lab shes good with small dogs we have a chihuahua shes very smart
Sarah Head
Houston Texas Houston Texas

Murfee Murfee
Mixed Breed
Murfee is a mixed breed Lhasa Apso/Chinese Crested. He is 7 years old and has lived in our house for the past 2 years after his first mother died of a stroke. He has adapted well to our home and our 10 year-old kitty. He is a joyful little pooch, very sweet, affectionate, playful, and smart. We are the lucky ones!
Cher Thoming
Oregon, U.S.A. Oregon, U.S.A.

Kiya Kiya
Mixed Breed
Kiya is a german shepherd/golden retriever mix. She is a sweet dog that never meets a stranger!
Alisa S.
Denver Metro, Colorado Denver Metro, Colorado

Penny Penny
Mixed Breed
Penny is a 10 year chihuahua mix. I was pet sitting today for my sister and took this picture of Penny.
Helen Gutierrez

Kirby Kirby
Mixed Breed
Hello! My name is Kirby! I'm a shih tzu poodle mix and I love everyone. Playing is one of my passions. I'm going to turn 2 on October 18 (2010). I love life! It's wonderful! Anyone who scratches behind my ears is my BEST FRIEND! P. S. I love treats! ;)

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