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Sullivan Sullivan
Saint Bernard
Sullivan just turned one year old. He was the runt of a litter of 14 puppies. He was also the only one who did not have a mask and who always wanted to sleep. I told my husband I wanted another baby or a dog and I got Sully. LOL. His personality is very calm and this is great cause we have him as an indoor dog. :o) It gets squishy when my husband invites him up on our double bed!
Canada Canada

Daisy Daisy
Daisy has a spotted ear that melted our hearts!
Cheryl L
Ontario, Canada Ontario, Canada

Szajaba Szajaba
Boston Terrier
Fun fun and more fun...Szajba is 6 months in this photo..
Mike Salata
Canada/ontario Canada/ontario

Angus Angus
American Cocker Spaniel
Angus is a playful and mischievous 5 month old boy. We love him to bits!
K Miller
Canada Canada

Chicka The Chiauha Chicka The Chiauha
Not Forgotten
Chicka The Chiauha
she knows tricks sit, stayad jump, spin
Tepa Woodcock
canada canada

Quincy Quincy
Bernese Mountain Dog
Quincy up close when he was a puppy enjoying the snow. I love the way the snow would land on his face. So cute.
M. Shannon
Canada Canada

Cartman Cartman
Bernese Mountain Dog
This was Cartman when we first got him - he was approx. 11 week old. He is now 2. This was his first snow storm and he loved it. As soon as snows - we take Cartman and his brother Quincy and we go play in the snow!
M. Shannon
Canada Canada

Aliyah Aliyah
aliyah is my best companion
Federico Indradat
edmonton, canada edmonton, canada

Louie Louie
Boston Terrier
Louie is 6 months old in this picture, trying on his regal coat for the first time in November, with winter approaching. We live in a cold climate with lots of snow, but Louie loves running around in his red coat. Without it, he is in and out quickly. He is a happy lively guy, popular with dogs and people alike.
Maureen C.
Ontario, Canada Ontario, Canada

Toby & Howie Toby & Howie
Miniature Schnauzer
Toby & Howie
Toby & Howie are the joy in our lifes, 1st thing 1st, treats and car rides are two of there favorite things to do. We also enjoy going to Grams & Grandpas home for sleep overs. We get spoiled there!!! We are loved dearly by our Mommy and Papa, we are very curious and sometimes get into alittle bit of trouble.
Mj Wirtjes
Canada Canada

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