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Cooper Cooper
Boston Terrier
Cooper is a seal and white Boston Terrier. He is very large for his breed and therefore his ears do not stand as they should, but it gives him character! Before I bought him, they found out he only has one kidney, but is very healthy and can live a normal life. He is my baby-boy and is very very spoiled. He has quite the personality and is very smart. I love my little man!
Saskatchewan,Canada Saskatchewan,Canada

Shelby Shelby
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Shelby is a great little dog and has brought so much to my life. We do lots of fun things together - agility is our current passion. Shelby is very friendly and has many admirers - there's no such thing as a simple walk with Shelby!
Sandra P.
Ontario, Canada Ontario, Canada

Oakley Oakley
Basset Hound
Oakley, is a very loving, beautiful 4-year old Basset Hound! Oakley is a very special boy who loves everyone...including squirrels! Oakley is not big on the obedience stuff...but has the best personality that one could wish for! If I didn't know it...I would think that he was human (but with a much kinder heart)!
Tawny Tamura
Ontario, Canada Ontario, Canada

My name is Jodie, I love my mommy! My name is Jodie, I love my mommy!
Jack Russell Terrier
My name is Jodie, I love my mommy!
Well my dog is almost 1 year old. She's a good dog and she loves her mom very much. She's very shy sometimes, she likes to play with her buddies.
Michelle Perkes
Canada Canada

Moto & Chachi Moto & Chachi
Boston Terrier
Moto & Chachi
Moto & Chachi are the hilarious, love to play with each other and are great snugglers!
CJ Porter
Ontario, Canada Ontario, Canada

copper copper
Cairn Terrier
Hi. Copper is 1 years old.She is a loving dog. She is small.She is werd dog.She poos and pees in the houses.And we were gone for 45 min.She pees 5 times and poop 2 times i dont get it.So some times i put her in the kennle and she is fine if she is im the holl houses she pees and poops so time.
Ally Goldstone
Aldergrove b.c Aldergrove b.c

Hercules Hercules
Boston Terrier
His name says it all!
Roxanne Clermont
Canada Canada

Hercules Hercules
Boston Terrier
Hercules in one of his many naps under the blankets.
Roxanne Clermont
Ottawa, Canada Ottawa, Canada

Diego Diego
Australian Shepherd
Diego is 1 years old, and love shis long walks and swims at the local off leash area. He enjoys playing catch with anything you can toss, but enjoys talking to people the most i think (he puts a ball in his mouth and makes funny noises at people).
Erin H
British columbia Canada British columbia Canada

Yorkshire Terrier
Zoey is 10 months old and a very special part of our family.
B.B. V.D.B.
canada canada

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