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Caleb And Robyn Caleb And Robyn
Shetland Sheepdog
Caleb And Robyn
Caleb is our 3 year old Sable Merle. His gentle nature is second to none. Robyn is 18 months old. Her playful spirit fills the house with laughter. What a wonderful, loyal and loving breed the sheltie is. We love them both to pieces.
H Corke
Canada Canada

Mona Mona
Border Collie
Mona is a rescue dog who survived a grusome beginning. I adopted her when she was 6 and just turned 13 in September! She is the sweetest girl and this is a picture of her mid yawn which is hilarious because she is such a gentle soul but she looks ferocious!
R.A Higginson
Canada Canada

Abby Abby
Cairn Terrier
Abby is one year old.
J. Lintott
Saskatchewan, Canada Saskatchewan, Canada

Kyara Kyara
Alaskan Malamute
Kyara is just over a year old, and is the love of our lives, even though she is a holy terror of note - will chew anything and everything, including destroying a TV Remote! But regardless of the destruction our lives would never be the same without her.
Anita Merritt
Ontario, Canada Ontario, Canada

Soleil Soleil
Yorkshire Terrier
Soleil is 6 months old and just under 4 pounds. She is a real sweetheart!! When she turns one we will take the steps so she can become a therapy dog!!
Dawn B
Ontario, Canada Ontario, Canada

Mr Gibson Mr Gibson
Shetland Sheepdog
Mr Gibson
Gibson will be 2 in Dec & is going through the 2 year change. Very protective, quite the character and he does talk, lol. He lives to please & his inherent smarts made him a dream to train. Loves to rough-house with any size dog. Named after a Guitar.
Geezer G
Ontario, Canada Ontario, Canada

Jake Jake
Not Forgotten
Jake - it was only yesterday 10-17-08 and my heart aches. He was 12 and had a long happy life. He was a great dog - anyone that was afraid of a Rottweiler changed their opinions when they met Jake. He was called the "gentleman". He truly can not be replaced in my heart. Hugs!
M. Shannon
Canada Canada

At One With Nature At One With Nature
Portuguese Water Dog
At One With Nature
Ryder is a 3 year old PWD who loves the outdoors. I noticed you had no PWDs so I thought I should fix that.
Karen Matthews
Ontario, Canada Ontario, Canada

Aliyah & Rihanna Aliyah & Rihanna
Aliyah & Rihanna
my dog aliyah is two years old, we go to dog parks often, she is a very awesome dog, very smart, good guard dog, always trying to please me. I think this are the best breed in the world. (original breeder) the roman empire!
Federico Indradat
edmonton, canada edmonton, canada

Jack Jack
Lhasa Apso
Jack was adopted at local SPCA Oct16,2004,he was 2 years old,Jack was found wandering near highway,luckily he was picked up and was taken to shelter.He is a loving very affectionate dog who gets along with childre,adult,and cats.
Anthony Macchione
Canada Canada

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