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Benjamin Benjamin
Miniature Schnauzer
Benjamin thinks he is one the kids in the neighbourhood. He gets along with everyone and loves playing with other dogs at the off-leash park. For my husband and I he is a complete joy. I must admit he is a bit spoiled, but very well behaved so he deserves it. WE LOVE HIM!
Lisa K
Canada Canada

Cassie Cassie
Mixed Breed
This is Cassie, our little Sheltie/Shih Tzu believe it or not! We see the Sheltie in her more, as she herds our cats around the house. She really is a little darling.
Wendy Jaenicke
British Columbie, Canada British Columbie, Canada

Diesel Diesel
This is my beautiful Rotti, Diesel. Unfortunately we had to gave him away.
Carrie Naylor
Canada Canada

Quincy Quincy
Bernese Mountain Dog
This is our 5 month old Bernese running at me. You call his name and he is all legs - yup he knocked me down in this photo. Pure love and fun. What a blast - he is now 1.5 years old.
M Shannon
Ontario, Canada Ontario, Canada

Bandit Bandit
Bandit loves making funny faces and tearing apart stuffed animals.
Marlena Woodbury
Alberta, Canada Alberta, Canada

Nikita Nikita
Siberian Husky
Hi, my name is Nikita. I am 5 years old and a pile of energy. Mommy lets me run free most days until I see something that looks like fun on the other side of the fence then I have to go in time out. I have 2 favorite stuffies that I like to carry with me outside. I love car rides, except to the vet and most of all love hugs and lots of belly scrubs.
Alberta, Canada Alberta, Canada

Waylin Waylin
Basset Hound
Waylin Van Halen is a 4 month old lemon coloured basset hound. When he thinks no one is home he likes to snooze on the couch, until one day he was caught in the act on camera. No denying the photo evidence.
Saskatchewan, Canada Saskatchewan, Canada

Honeybear Honeybear
Shih Tzu
Honeybear is a natural beauty. She loves stuffed toys and enjoys chasing furry slippers! She enjoys going for long walks with Earl too.
Audrey Mcd
Nova Scotia, Canada Nova Scotia, Canada

Finwe Finwe
Finwe is an exuberant and loving 1 year old Vizsla. He loves creeping up on birds, squirrels and blowing leaves and cuddling with his mum and dad. He is mischeivious and hillarious and gets away with way too much because he is so cute!
Maggie Kalt
Ontario, Canada Ontario, Canada

Lucky Lucky
Lucky is the sweetest beagle in the world! He is very affectionate and loves children. His favorite things are going for walks, eating bones and giving big wet kisses. He is our baby boy. He even likes to sleep between my husband and I at night! This is a picture of Lucky when he was only 4 months old, he is now 4 years old!
Sandra Marisa
Canada Canada

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