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My Beautiful Boy! My Beautiful Boy!
Saint Bernard
My Beautiful Boy!
This Is my beautiful boy! He Is 7 weeks old, and our family has already fallen inlove with him!
Krista I
Nb Canada Nb Canada

Bruce Lee Bruce Lee
Miniature Pinscher
Bruce Lee
Bruce is now 5 years old. He's the best and well behaved dog I even had. He's very protective of his Mom and loves meeting new friends. He's a bit different than most min pin tho because he's a bigger than most, he weighs about 20pds.
Jeannie Inthebottle
British Columbia, Canada British Columbia, Canada

Maggie & Breagha Maggie & Breagha
Miniature Schnauzer
Maggie & Breagha
This pictutre is of Maggie(Bichon Frise)and Breagha(mini-schnauzer)Maggie is 7 years old, and Breagha is 3years old, Breagha was purchased as a pup and Maggie needed a new home at age 5 so we adopted her as well. They are very close friends and respect each other.
Db Loomer
Canada Canada

Peameal Peameal
Saint Bernard
Peameal is only 6 months old and already weighs 115 pounds. That's not bad, but he doesn't like to jump in or out of the truck. He loves to go bird hunting and he has his own outfit.
Angie/Heidi Pokraka
Ontario, Canada Ontario, Canada

Peameal Peameal
Saint Bernard
he's always sleeping on the couch or trying to snuggle up. he is just a joy to be raising.
Angie/Heidi Pokraka
Ontario,Canada Ontario,Canada

Thor Thor
Siberian Husky
Cute Christmas pic.
Marty M
Maritimes, Canada Maritimes, Canada

My Little Girls My Little Girls
German Shepherd Dog
My Little Girls
My three little girls are so smart, they're always around me, playing barking and when I'm sad. They're a great company to have around.
Karen Caceres
Toronto, Canada Toronto, Canada

Mango Mango
American Cocker Spaniel
Excellent guard dog..very intimidating! lol!
Joe Perluzzo
Canada Canada

Shobe Shobe
Shobe is a 1 1/2 yr old active, loving and spoiled Pom. He loves playing fetch in the park and running after squirrels. At night, he likes to get his belly rubbed and sleeping with me.
Genevieve Cofsky
Ontario, Canada Ontario, Canada

Farley Farley
Mixed Breed
Farley is a 7 month old german shepherd/collie cross.
Amy O
Alberta, Canada Alberta, Canada

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