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Bentley Bentley
Yorkshire Terrier
Everything you could want in a loving pet companion. He is a joy to my life.
Donna Ridsdale
Windsor, Ontario Canada Windsor, Ontario Canada

Our Goofball Our Goofball
Mixed Breed
Our Goofball
Coda is the joy in our lives. He is super hyper and will run 24/7. He loves people and enjoys everyone he meets. He hates cats and hamsters. His best friend is a bunny named Tigger. His favourite things in life include the SURF DOGS event, tennis balls, sticks, and people who will pet him, play with him and give him attention. He is the best dog ever!
Ontario, Canada Ontario, Canada

Liked Forever, Loved For Always Liked Forever, Loved For Always
Mixed Breed
Not Forgotten
Liked Forever, Loved For Always
Cooper was a great dog who was with us for 11 years. He loved everyone he met and was a great dog. He's greatly missed by our family and friends.
Ontario, Canada Ontario, Canada

Quinn Quinn
Bernese Mountain Dog
Meet Quinn - he is CEO of the household. I am blessed to have him in my life. Love, love him! A home without a dog is just a house.
M. Shannon
Ontario Ontario

Jasman and Jullian Jasman and Jullian
Shetland Sheepdog
Jasman and Jullian
Jasman and Jullian are best friends.
Andrea Boyd
Fredericton, NB Canada Fredericton, NB Canada

Bronson Bronson
Bronson is a 2 yr. old Bully, he's such a great friend and companion. He's smart, gentle, funny, most people just melt when they see him coming.
Ricky Lalla
Ajax, Ontario Ajax, Ontario

Stanley Stanley
Mixed Breed
Stanley is a 3 year old yorkie papillion cross- he is 3/4 yorkie. he was the first addition to our now family of 3 dogs. He loves to play fetch and loves doing tricks for treats. he loves to run outside with the other two dogs, mostly to show off how fast he can run! he is such a loving, affectionate and protective little guy!
Beth Marie
alberta canada alberta canada

Maime Maime
Maime is 9 months old and the 3rd puppy added to my family, her best dog friend is a yorkie papillion cross named Stanley- she even gets up in the night to visit him. She loves to run around outside with Stanley and her big friend Jazz. Shes so sweet, loving and affectinate. I dont know what i would do without her.
Beth Marie
Alberta Canada Alberta Canada

Icarium Icarium
Labrador Retriever
We brought home our lil bundle of Joy on Hallowen. Our lil boy Icarium is the love of our lives, we love him unconditionally. Our lil boy is blind and others seem to think that its a negative thing but we love him and treat him just like any other puppy except with extra loving. Icarium loves to play with his ball, and loves his stuffed toy Weiner Dog, but he absolutely loves running after his daddy.
Tina Dagley
100 100

Baron Baron
German Shepherd Dog
Baron is a male gsd dog. he is 1 year old weighs 95lbs and is 28in tall. Loves to play ball and chase birds and rabbits.
Mike Cit
Port Colborne Ont. Port Colborne Ont.

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