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Taffy Taffy
Mixed Breed
this is taffy, the australian shepherd mix.we got her from the local humane society in 2002 and she has done so well ever since. she loves to run around and play fetch with her little sister ava,the pug X.
Rachel Turner
Ontario, Canada Ontario, Canada

Ava Ava
Mixed Breed
ava is a pug mix. she is very spunky but also loves to laze around, she also loves to play fetch with us and her big sister taffy the aussie shepherd X
Rachel Turner
Canada Canada

Diesel Diesel
Diesel is an 110 lb. English Mastiff mix Rottie. He just turned 2 - Happy Birthday. He has a very warm, humerous personality. He absolutely loves puppies and plays with them gently. I love Diesel.
Toronto, Canada Toronto, Canada

Oreo Oreo
Jack Russell Terrier
What a cutie!
Britt G
Canada Canada

Lexington Lexington
Siberian Husky
Not Forgotten
looking for a new dog!
Michael Lawson
Canada Canada

Maggie And Lulu Maggie And Lulu
Bichon Frise
Maggie And Lulu
Maggie is 5 and is biger than Lulu who is 10. They are both well behaved and loving and love good company, good food and lots of hugs.
Bomi Daver
toronto, canada toronto, canada

Abby Abby
Cairn Terrier
Abby is 9 months old and very full of energy!
J Lintott
Saskatchewan Canada Saskatchewan Canada

Damas Damas
Field Spaniel
Not Forgotten
A beautiful, graceful dog. He loved to garden and watch all the outdoor activities. He was especially fond of the snow and his favorite winter activity was to catch pieces of ice that we would throw at him!We still think of you, Damou!
L & Rm L
candiac, que candiac, que

Django Django
He is a 3 year old male, people often say that he looks like a teddy bear! He is a real clown, loves to make us laugh! His favorite way is to hold onto a piece a rawhide in his mouth while he lays down on his back with his 4 legs straight up in the air and his eyes stuck on you! He will stay like that until we notice him and start to laugh!
M & D J
ontario, canada ontario, canada

Ciara Ciara
My pups name is Ciara, she is going to be a year old on July 15th. She is basically eats everything little thing she can find, or at least trys to. She is very photogenic.
Tammy Evans
Canada Canada

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