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Zeus Zeus
the silliest little guy i know
Monika Stanaszek
Canada Canada

Murphy Murphy
Boston Terrier
Murphy is the cutest little puppy, he is 12 days old in this picture! He's the best addition to out family! Look at him how could you say no to this face?
Ashley S
Saskatchewan, Canada Saskatchewan, Canada

Reilly Reilly
Poodle (Standard)
This is Reilly in this picture he was i think 3 months old and now is almost 6 months he is almost 40 lbs and a very loving guy he is such a gentlemen and he loves children and is a great dog overall at first i wasnt sure about getting a poodle and then i read up on them and liked what i saw and poodles will be my choice of dog for the rest of my life
Alicia Kendall
Canada Canada

Dancer Dancer
Mixed Breed
He's the wonder dog ;)
Jave Francisco
British Columbia British Columbia

Happy Canada from Bazil and Farfalle! Happy Canada from Bazil and Farfalle!
Jack Russell Terrier
Happy Canada from Bazil and Farfalle!
2 crazy Jack Russell Terriers who love to chase tennis balls and sun bathing!
Steph P.
Canada Canada

Kissing siblings Kissing siblings
Kissing siblings
Our first litter!! Not breeding for $$, only to keep this wonderful breed thriving! These 2 days old rottweiler puppies are displaying the true disposition of a rottie. Affectionate!!! Enjoy the picture!
Val Deragon
Canada Canada

Kaylee Kaylee
Shih Tzu
Hi, my name is Kaylee and I am 7 weeks old. I still live with my mommy see her? I will go home to my new family soon, they are soooo excited!!!!
Canada Canada

My friend Bud My friend Bud
Mixed Breed
My friend Bud
I took Bud from the SPCA shelter in Montreal when he was one year old. He is now over two years old and is a wonderful dog. Full of energy and he loves to walk. He's a mix of Border Collie and Retriever. There is no dull moment with him. This is his pitty me look.
Michel Drolet
Canada Canada

Abby Abby
Mixed Breed
Abby is a happy Border Collie/Lab cross who loves fetching anything you throw. She loves catching bubbles and fetching sticks in the creek the most!
Ontario, Canada Ontario, Canada

Emma Emma
West Highland White Terrier
Hey Boys. My name is EMMA, I am 5 month old and my hobbies are play with toys and destroy my owner's socks. At this moment I'm not looking for a boyfriend but keep me in mind.
Emma Reina
Ontario, Canada Ontario, Canada

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