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Maggie Maggie
Airedale Terrier
Maggie is an old girl who will be celebrating her 15th birthday on the 3rd of April 2009. Maggie came into our lives when she was just 1 year old.... all the way from England. Maggie is a purebred Airdale Terrior and has given us so much happiness.
Nd L
SK, Canada SK, Canada

Esmonds Unbreakable Spirit - (Takara) Esmonds Unbreakable Spirit - (Takara)
Esmonds Unbreakable Spirit - (Takara)
Takara is an extremely high drive girly that lives up to her name. She loves to play and work. She has her CKC Canine Good Neighbor and her Herding Instinct Certificate.
Kim Oatway
Ontario, Canada Ontario, Canada

Charlie Charlie
Shih Tzu
This is my Dog Charlie. He has a way of making anyone fall in love with him, even my mom! :) Love him soo much!

Dooley Dooley
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Dooley is a 3yr old King charles spaniel. His colour is blenheim and he is my joy every day of my life he makes me laugh and we go everywhere together.
Katharine E
Ontario canada Ontario canada

Jake Jake
Not Forgotten
Jake I still miss you buddy. He was 12 and was such a gentle dog. Everyone who met him, loved him. I still smile when I look at his pictures. Hugs!
M. Shannon
Ontario Ontario

Quinn Quinn
Bernese Mountain Dog
Quinn would like to wish everyone a Happy St.Paddy's day!
Maureen S.
Ontario Ontario

Diablo Diablo
Border Collie
Not Forgotten
Diablo was the best friend my new family had ever had. He adopted me when I moved in with them and fast became my best friend. He let me dress him and he went everywhere with me. At the age of 15 he had to leave this world and I went with Adam my boyfriend when we put him to rest. He looked at me for the last time and I knew with his eyes he was saying goodbye. This picture is what I imagine he is doing right now. Thank you.
saskatchewan saskatchewan

Mustang Mustang
Big Boy!
Nat & Chad W.
Calgary, AB Calgary, AB

Peppino Peppino
Mixed Breed
Peppino is a star in our neighbourhood....very famous and loved by many. He is very peculiar in so many ways and brings so much joy in our life.
M. Randazzo
Toronto, Ontario Toronto, Ontario

Ripper Ripper
104lbs of pure love.
braampton braampton

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