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Mommy Maureen And Newborn Baby Gladys Mommy Maureen And Newborn Baby Gladys
Mommy Maureen And Newborn Baby Gladys
Brand new baby Gladys (100 grams) snuggles up with Mommy Maureen. Gladys has been adopted within the family and gets to visit with her mom and dad on special holidays. Her father Robert loves it when she comes to visit, 'cause he's still a puppy at heart.
L Levitt
Canada Canada

Maureen, Baby Winston & Robert Maureen, Baby Winston & Robert
Maureen, Baby Winston & Robert
Little Baby Winston at 9 weeks sits confidently between his Mom, Maureen and his Dad, Robert. Winston lives close by, so Mo and Bob can still have an occasional visit with their little guy.
Canada Canada

Bernese Mountain Dog
Cartman at 5 months old. He is a big sweety who likes to steal your clothes. If it's on the floor - it's fair game.
Mo S
Ontario, Canada Ontario, Canada

Jake Jake
Mixed Breed
Jake is a Bichon Terrier Maltese Poodle. He is 5 years old and has passed advanced dog classes. Jake is very social and loves when people come over to visit. When he was a puppy, Jake would often fall asleep on our shoes. We picked him out from a litter of 9 puppies, and Jake was by far the cutest. After playing with the litter for a while, Jake fell asleep on my Dad's shoe, and the other 8 puppies went back into the dog house. It was a clear sign that Jake was the one for us!
Julie M
Canada Canada

Quincy Quincy
Bernese Mountain Dog
Quincy is 5 months old. He is Cartman's litter mate. He is the smallest of the litter with the bolder personality. He loves to cuddle and his motto..It's Quincy..it's all about me!
Mo S
Ontario, Canada Ontario, Canada

Mocca Mocca
German Shepherd Dog
I love my dog to death and beyond. He is my life, he is my best friend, he is my everything.
Ana E
Canada Canada

Nick Nick
Labrador Retriever
Not Forgotten
hi im nick im 7 years old
Mackenzie Keith
Canada Canada

Remy Remy
Remy is our pride and joy.....he's 5 months old, he loves swimming, playing with our 2 kids and just being a big loving puppy,anyone who owns one will know what I am saying...lol
Crystal M
Canada Canada

Jade Jade
Poodle (Miniature)
This is Jade. She she is full breed miniutre poodle. she has a great tempurment. she is a loving dog and is very affectionate. she love people and her cookies. She loves going for walks.she is one loving dog and she is a great pet to have. Both me and her are like 2 sisiters that you can never seperate. we always sharecie cream cones and other treats!
Robyn Chhina
Bristish Columbia, Cananda Bristish Columbia, Cananda

Riley Riley
Miniature Pinscher
This is my son Riley. He's 10 weeks old, full of life, and is always eager to discover new things.
Canada Canada

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