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Pebbles Pebbles
Shih Tzu
Hi my name is Pebbles. I'm a pretty little Shih Tzu who loves to be spoiled by my mommy and daddy. I love to play and I'm definetely the alpha dog in my house. I also have a kitty cat brother named Snoopy and a new doggie brother named Rusty. I love them both to death. They are my bestset friends in the world! lol
Jeannette Jurado

Cuddles Cuddles
Shih Tzu
Hi, my name is cuddles and I am 5 and a half months old now. I am 10,000000000000000000% spoiled. I miss my mom, I left her when my old owner sold me but it's ok because I have fun owners.
Clarisse Sulquiano
Phillippines Phillippines

Fluffy Fluffy
Shih Tzu
Her name is fluffy. She is 2.5 years old.
Amanda Clostre
Canada Canada

Gizmo Gizmo
Shih Tzu
Gizmo will be 2 years old Sept. 13th. He is a cuddly bundle of love. He follows on my heels wherever I go and loves to play with his sister (our 8yr. old Lab). He loves to run and rough house and eats constantly. He lives to be spoiled and ride in the car. I take him to work with me at a senior housing center and the residents adore him!
Tina Sherer

Teddy Teddy
Shih Tzu
Teddy is my VERY spoiled boy. We just Adopted Abagail, a little girl just a week ago. We got this photo taken professionally by Poetic Images located in Perrysburg, Ohio.
Toby Aber

Jemima Mae Ling Jemima Mae Ling
Shih Tzu
Jemima Mae Ling
I'm Jemima Mae Ling, Jemmy for short. I think I am beautiful and so is my twin Sister Jessica Tiger Lily. We both love our Mum and Dad.
Carol Daniels
England England

Lala Lala
Shih Tzu
She is small and loves to play with people. She is always active and is a fluff ball. She is 1 and 8 months old.
Paulina Volfinzon

Lily Lily
Shih Tzu
Lily is such a character and sweetheart. I think she acts like a little person trapped in a puppy's body. She is always a little comedian making everyone around her laugh. It also doesn't hurt that she is so cute!
Melanie Weber

Lucy Lucy
Shih Tzu
We adopted Lucy (formerly Suki) on March 6, 2005 (immediately after returning from our Honeymoon!) from Rover Rescue in Redondo Beach, CA. She was almost completely bald when we got her because her hair was so matted and long. She is the sweetest dog and has brought so much joy to our little home and lives. We love her very much. This picture is from when we first adopted her, her hair is much longer now and looks a lot like an Ewok.
Jenny and Steve Kraemer

Izzy Izzy
Shih Tzu
Izzy(short for Isabel) is 5 years old and her mother is a show-dog, Shady Lady, and so is her father, Skittles. I love her so much!
Sarah S
Miami, Florida USA Miami, Florida USA

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