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Sasha Sasha
Shih Tzu
Sasha is a 6 month old pup.. she is sweet and lovable and loves to bark whenever she is alone.. she always likes to be playing with us.. she is truly an adorable girl!
Milany Luay
Cavite,Philippines Cavite,Philippines

Muffin Muffin
Shih Tzu
this little muffin ia a minture shih-tzu. she is so spolied. i love her so much... she likes her new boots...
Connie D
south carolina south carolina

Harvey Harvey
Shih Tzu
My dog is wonderful. He is very smart! i belive he can do anything he wants to do. Harvey is so cute!
Rae Schreifels
minnesota minnesota

Boomer Boomer
Shih Tzu
Boomer was a Christmas gift from my husband. He is a great dog, so good with my kids.
Angie Schuhbauer

Makino & Jaksi Makino & Jaksi
Shih Tzu
Makino & Jaksi
makino is the being the princess in the picture while jaksi is the who is pulling the craddle carrying makino. this two like the one you are watching in the fairytales
Bless Jairance Declaro
Phillipines Phillipines

Jack Jack
Shih Tzu
Loveable, sweet, hyper and fun! Jack loves to eat snacks but works off all the calories when he runs around the house playing with his favorite toys! :)
Reagan Hale

Chandler Chandler
Shih Tzu
Chandler is THE MAN! The most wonderful buddy!
Sharon Laduca

Teddy Bear Teddy Bear
Shih Tzu
Teddy Bear
Teddy is the best dog ever. He is sweet and a rascal all at the same time. He is my baby boy.
Cindy Richardson
usa usa

Oliver, Captain of Our Boat Oliver, Captain of Our Boat
Shih Tzu
Oliver, Captain of Our Boat
Oliver is a special dog. He takes care of our multiply-impaired daughter. He pulls her wheelchair when we go walking and he takes her to school. He makes her and the other handicapped children laugh and smile and forget they are ill.
Jana And Nicole Collins
Michigan, USA Michigan, USA

Lainee Lainee
Shih Tzu
Lainee hates being alone. She loves her family and her cousin Sweet Pea. Her favorite holdiay is Thanksgiving because of the large turkey.
M. Harrell

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