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Molly Molly
Shih Tzu
This is my dog, Molly. I got her as a gift from my dad. She was so tiny and followed me around everywhere!Molly is a playful pooch and I'm surprised that she was the last puppy at the breeders. She was also a runt. Even though she does get jealous pretty easily and loves attention, but I LOVE her.
AndiChristina Davidson

Deja Vu Deja Vu
Shih Tzu
Not Forgotten
Deja Vu
She was a sassy, beautiful little girl. In her short life she made us so happy. We miss her dearly.
Jamesa Black

Gizmo (Gizzy) Fedele DuLuPa Gizmo (Gizzy) Fedele DuLuPa
Shih Tzu
Gizmo (Gizzy) Fedele DuLuPa
Gizzy is 10 weeks old in this picture. He loves to rearrange his furniture. I never thought I would have a pet that was like me! He has made our family so happy. He is a cuddly little baby who also makes us laugh.
Freda P

Mookie Mookie
Shih Tzu
mookie is a very good dog, he is very playful and active and loves life, he also is very very spoiled and he acts like it
Jamie Doerr
Missouri,United States Missouri,United States

Cuddles and her pups Cuddles and her pups
Shih Tzu
Cuddles and her pups
This is my dog Cuddles she got puppies last Aug 7, 2006 she has 4 pups there are 2 boys and 2 gals there is (boys) Neiddles and Cookie (Gals) Periwinkle, Candy they don't actually look like there mom they only look like their dad! I hope you learn from this message when your dog gets pregnant.
Jam S.
Philippines Philippines

Maxxie Dog Maxxie Dog
Shih Tzu
Maxxie Dog
maxie is the ruler of the house, has only been with us since may 2006 and feels like forever, truley apart of the family!
B. A. Daniel

Gizmo Gizmo
Shih Tzu
This is Gizmo, 7 months old. He is my pride and joy. My hubby and 3 sons love him too. He is such a baby and is spoiled rotten!! (But I love to spoil him). He has his "summer cut" in this pic.
B Sears

Coco Coco
Shih Tzu
Not Forgotten
Happy 13th birthday my baby boy. Always in my heart xxxooo
New York, USA New York, USA

Parker Jenkins Parker Jenkins
Shih Tzu
Parker Jenkins
My baby Parker is the cutest thing in the world and is so good to his mom and grandmother. He loves and misses his sister Haley and brother Max.
Stephanie Jenkins

Me and my baby...Cleo Me and my baby...Cleo
Shih Tzu
Me and my baby...Cleo
Cleo is my girl, I've had her 5 years and she goes with me everywhere. She's my pride & joy.
Mitzi Nicole Hogeland

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