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Best-Of-Friends Best-Of-Friends
Shih Tzu
she is bundle of energy and a friend to all...
Veronica Malano-Miguel
Phillipines Phillipines

My Little Girl, Jojo My Little Girl, Jojo
Shih Tzu
My Little Girl, Jojo
jojo has a bubbly personalty and she is my best friend. i love her she is 4 years old yet acts like a puppy. she loves to dress up in clothes.
Brooke W.

Sadie Sadie
Shih Tzu
Hi, I was born 09/30/06, so that makes me 4 mos old now. I love my new Mom. She likes to dress me up and make me look pretty, and takes me out to show me off to all her friends. I have a great furture ahead of me.
Cathy Daum
Usa Usa

Wolfgang Wolfgang
Shih Tzu
Wolfgang thinks he is a vicious attack dog, the way he barks! Wow! Scary! He is really a spoiled little boy, he is only disguised as a dog.
Jennifer Drake
Usa Usa

Peanut Peanut
Shih Tzu
Peanut makes me laugh everyday. She loves playing in the snow. Her favorite toy is "Meanie Kitty". Peanut is 4 years old but still very much a puppy. She is a very friendly dog, loves everyone.
Karen B.
Usa Usa

Ecclips Ecclips
Shih Tzu
friendly, even never barking to foreign people.
Januar Wijaya
Indonesia Indonesia

Sasha Sasha
Shih Tzu
Daddys lil girl..that about sums it up!
Trish & Wes Frisbee
United States United States

Gunner Gunner
Shih Tzu
He has the best personality, he loves everyone. He loves to play and chase tennis balls.
Paige Dode
Usa Usa

Harley Shih Tzu Harley Shih Tzu
Shih Tzu
Harley Shih Tzu
This is my special friend Harley, He is my insperation for everyday living. Full of life and spunk.
Nicole Welder
North Dakota North Dakota

Chloe Chloe
Shih Tzu
Chloe is a crazy little bindle of fluff. She loves going for walks and playing with her toys. She is 2 1/2 years old and has already had her first litter of pups. Even smaller bundles of fluff. Chloe is such a caring dog i don't know what i would do without her!!
Emily Bird
Australia Australia

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