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Bella And Tequila Bella And Tequila
Shih Tzu
Bella And Tequila
Bella is 5 years old now and Tequila is just 2 months younger than her. Both of them are very loving and playfull..
Brazil Brazil

Loki Loki
Shih Tzu
This is my "puppy doodles". I love him to pieces and the best thing about him is he loves me right back even more!
Lucy J
Usa Usa

Boby Boby
Shih Tzu
my first male shitzu, a gift from my mom, he's very attached to me since he was with me,he's now 2yrs old, still, he's sweet and cuddly!
Kriselle Tined
Philippines Philippines

Oreo Oreo
Shih Tzu
Our baby Oreo was born on october 2,2005, he just turned a year old a couple of weeks ago. He is very playful and sweet but at times can be very sneaky and aggressive yet he makes our hearts melt everytime he cuddles up to us or gives us kisses. We have spoiled him so much that he thinks he's a real human being and doesn't act like any other dog, but WE LOVE HIM SO MUCH!!
Deanna Rountree
North Carolina,USA North Carolina,USA

Gizmo Gizmo
Shih Tzu
Gizmo is 3yrs old. He is my little tag along following right on my heels where ever I go. He never gets tired of cuddle time and kisses. He demands attention and at times likes to pretend to be a feirce patrol dog. He is my precious gift.
Tina S

yy yy
Shih Tzu
She just 2 month+. She is very funny.
Yong Kim
Malaysia Malaysia

Wolfgang Wolfgang
Shih Tzu
Wolfgang will be 3 years old in Dec. 2006. He's just like one of my children. He's the boss around my house, he has made that abundantly clear! SPOILED!
Jennifer Drake

Lillie Lillie
Shih Tzu
We got Lillie one day when she was walking by with her owner and parents and she saw our dog Jessie and just started jumping and hugging her. We decided our dog Jessie needed a friend.

Molly Marrie Molly Marrie
Shih Tzu
Molly Marrie
she is a little dog witha specal personality!
allie noe

Molly Molly
Shih Tzu
This is my dog, Molly. I got her as a gift from my dad. She was so tiny and followed me around everywhere!Molly is a playful pooch and I'm surprised that she was the last puppy at the breeders. She was also a runt. Even though she does get jealous pretty easily and loves attention, but I LOVE her.
AndiChristina Davidson

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