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Gizmo Gizmo
Shih Tzu
We just got Gizmo, a little over a week ago, he is only 3 months old. I have never experienced such personality, friendliness or humor in a doggy, especially this young! He is so attached to us already, as we are to him! He has added such joy to our lives!
Dawn T

Rosie Rosie
Shih Tzu
Rosie is 3 years old and the best dog in the world - full of love and personality. I love her to death.
Kathy Pozzi

Sable Sable
Shih Tzu
Sable loves for me to go outside with her and she holds the door shut with her paws and won't let me go back inside. She jumps up and down and barks if I try to go inside.
Dixie Kincaid

Bobby Bobby
Shih Tzu
He is the cutest dog ever! Bobby is 5 years and is a very lively dog. I love him!
Vilma Guri
Albania Albania

Kenji-Kenneth Kenji-Kenneth
Shih Tzu
Kenji is a happy dog, who brings my husband and I much happiness.
Claire Kornaker
England England

GiGi GiGi
Shih Tzu
This is 1 y/o GiGi, a.k.a. Chewie (from when she ate Daddies Versace eyeglasses!). We rescued her from the Frederick County Animal Control in MD. When she first arrived at the shelter she was so badly matted they had to shave her completely bald  thats why she looked more like a Mini-Schnauzer than the beautiful Shih Tzu shes becoming!
Roquel Williams

Harvey-John Harvey-John
Shih Tzu
Harvey-John is almost 4 years old. He is so much fun, he makes me smile and laugh every day!
Claire Kornaker
England, UK England, UK

Ted & Baby Ted & Baby
Shih Tzu
Ted & Baby
This is Ted & Baby at Christmas.
Nicci Hewitt
British British

Koko Koko
Shih Tzu
Koko is the cutest Shih Tzu in the world. She likes to follow Mom and Dad wherever we go! You won't hear her barking much since she's not much of a guard dog! But she's a great cuddler and enjoys being a lap dog! She also loves her "big sister" Yuki who is a Shiba Inu. They never leave each other's sight!
Crystal West

Ginger Ginger
Shih Tzu
She has lots of fun romping in the snow but enjoys a nice nap on her favourite pillow.
B. Warr
Canada Canada

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