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Duke Duke
Mixed Breed
Duke is 8 years old now and is truly the best dog ever!!!
Lesley Palmieri
Canada Canada

Emma Emma
Rhodesian Ridgeback
Emma is 4 years old now and is the sweetest little angel!! Loves sun bathing and playing in the snow!!
Jodi Palmieri
Canada Canada

Roscoe Roscoe
Boston Terrier
Roscoe is now about 4 months old and loves playing with other dogs and people. He is learning lots of tricks and is growing fast!
Jodi Palmieri
Canada Canada

Cindy Cindy
It is so cute!
Ale Aguilera
Canada Canada

Crafs Crafs
Crafs is a silly 3 1/2 yr girl. She loves the outdoors. Crafs enjoy getting a tan under the sun, she also loves dressing up and taking silly photos. Although she is very cute, she is also very spoiled and will cry until she gets what she wants.
Lisa T
Canada Canada

Sanka Sanka
Siberian Husky
Best friend in the world.....came to us from a Shelter and has brought joy and love to our family with her unique sense of humour and "husky ways".
Ron Short
Ontario, Canada Ontario, Canada

Sanchez Carlos Rodriguez Sanchez Carlos Rodriguez
Sanchez Carlos Rodriguez
I have never known a breed like the chihuahua before...i have a large dog as well but sanchez makes sure he is always in charge..he has put his whole head in the larger dogs mouth to take food out. Chihuahua's are the best breed for me no question.
Tara Rodriguez
Canada Canada

Hershey Hershey
Chesapeake Bay Retriever
Hershey is quite a handful. She is always at my feet, following me around while I do housework. Her favorite thing to do besides eating, would be to play fetch. I can't use sticks though because she eats them. And if I am not careful she will eat anything that she can chew and swallow. Then I have quite the mess to clean up. LOL.
Bonnie Caumanns
Kitimat, British Columbia, Canada Kitimat, British Columbia, Canada

Goldie Goldie
Mixed Breed
Goldie is a Shephard, Lab X. She is such a good girl. She is about 5 years old. I got her from the SPCA when she was 10.5 weeks old. She is such a laid back dog compared to her sister, a chessie named Hershey.
Bonnie Caumanns
Kitimat, British Columbia, Canada Kitimat, British Columbia, Canada

Moka Moka
Moka will be 4 yrs. old in June. She is the most lovable, friendly, precious little girl on the face of the planet. She hugs & kisses everyone including strangers. She wants massages 24/7. She hogs the queen size bed at night while I'm barely hanging on to the edge.
Rose Malfa
Canada Canada

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